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In the world of instant gratification, where everything is at your fingertips, what does it feel like being truly satisfied and how long can you hold on to it? How big it has to be to make a dent in your constant search for ‘happiness’?

I remember the day I went to Bloomingdale’s in NYC, to buy a Chanel bag. Like it was yesterday, all details of that day are carved into my brain – it was my birthday, I have been drooling over this bag for the past few years and finally, I got it. Now, ask me: how many times I used it? Maybe dozen… over a period of 20 years, until I gave it to my daughter, who is really enjoying it and use it practically every day. Still, the end of this story – I have no regrets: it was great to ‘own a Chanel’ and felt amazing to ‘pass it on’. But, what about my many other bags, ‘sitting pretty’ on the shelf? Oh, now, we stumble on something….

Let’s take a truly significant experience, like buying a house or apartment. Is it only when that apartment is on Upper West/East side or house in Greenwich, CT that would give someone an ultimate thrill? Does it have to be a perfect cornelian kitchen counter or rare marble covered bathroom that would bring us joy?

Or maybe it’s a prestigious school or an important title in front of your name (CEO, Board Member, Trustee, etc.) What does it take? Is it money, right connections, family inheritance or status? What is the source of true satisfaction?

The nature of my business has taken me to some unbelievable homes and some of my clients are at the top of the success story board. Achieved by hard work and perseverance (no doubt about that) – they are admired by many and envied by ‘few’. Here is a question: what would they possibly need from me, what am I doing there? It’s a simple answer – I am there to organize TOO MUCH STUFF!!!

IT’S EVERYWHERE! Busting out of the closets and drawers, spilling out of the cabinets and pantries, piling up and hiding in attics, basements and garages, taken to storage facilities (not to be seen again for years to come)… – stuff, stuff, stuff and more stuff, several thousands of dollars, spent over the years on things, that seemed important in the past and now, just ‘stuff’ they have. I am there, to sort thru years of buying, collecting… accumulating art, furniture, books, clothes, jewelry, bags and shoes – overwhelming proof of success and accomplishments.

Let’s be crystal clear – I am not knocking down people with money. Absolutely opposite of that! I have met most amazing, kind and generous people…. and probably would not have a business today – my services do not come cheap. And let’s be totally honest, it’ not only ‘them’ – all of us (me included) have too much stuff! It’s not just money and status that propel us to buy and then hold on to our possessions: we ‘want’ – we ‘get’ – we ‘keep’.

My question is to all: how many of us are truly enjoying everything we have and how many are totally oblivious to the accumulated ‘clutter’?

Ok kids, I am going to use big words now. Like: ‘reflecting on my search for the meaning of life’, ‘importance of worldly possessions’ and ‘journey to finding true happiness’ and on… and on….. Simply said, I am curious to know, how much stuff we really need and what makes us really happy?

Well, it’s not that simple, is it… Feeling satisfied has no constant presence and happiness is a moment in time – you are lucky if you are aware and present in that moment. We evolve, we grow, we change our mind – I would not want it any other way. After thinking about it, I will have to answer my own question: to each its own! Whatever it takes, as much or as little as it takes… This is not a 12 step program or universal formula, that applies to everyone – it is ok to be different. So, be different and unique; journey away, look for your happiness and find satisfaction any way you can. Just be YOU and have things that make YOU happy – keeping up with anyone else is a waste of precious time and good energy.

Most important: be kind, generous and considerate to the people, who love you and care for you. This may be the only valuable possession they have.

Posted by Amazing Anna B

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