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Advice from a former 'life hoarder' turned Best Professional Organizer:)

There is a moment in time when everything becomes crystal clear. Sometimes it's forced on you by a dear friend and sometimes it's just an 'AHA' moment... different for everyone, it is important not to miss it, because it will lead you to the 'sweet spot'- life's balance.

Finding that 'sweet spot' takes time and effort, which includes getting rid of your life's 'clutter': stale relationships, expired friendships, failed partnerships.... it's time to separate 'trash' from 'treasure'.

Many ask me: 'where do I start?How do I jumpstart the journey to my 'sweet spot'?

My answer is very simple: start in your home and get de-cluttered, literally.

We all hold on to things from our past, most of it hidden in boxes, bins, bags.... shoved into back of drawers, closets, pantries, storage nooks. Well, it's time to sort thru it, one box at the time. You may come across something really important, but most of it is meaningless junk and it's time to say

'good bye'.

Next is your wardrobe. Take time and go thru your closet, one piece at the time, ask when was the last time you wore it and decide on the spot if you want to wear it again. General rule of thumb: toss/donate clothes, not worn in 3-5 years.

Same goes for shoes and other accessories (of course, you get to keep your favorites, Chanels, YSL and Louis Vittons:).

Same principle applies to paper and general clutter, like your old magazines and 'trashy' books, expired pantry supplies: dry and canned food, old kitchen tools and equipment. Your home will become a 'place of ZEN' and will inspire you to do the same in all other aspects of your life.


Commit to a weekly 'to do' list. In addition to the 'usual suspects' (work/family related errands), it must include your personal 'stuff'; like exercise, manicure, customized facial (, trip to a favorite eatery, cocktail with a friend.... you get it - a 'feel good' something. Make time for yourself, stick to it, no matter what, until it becomes a part of your life.

Most important: drop constant whining and complaining, no more 'why me?' attitude. Instead, count your blessings and encourage your close circle to do the same.

We are incredibly lucky and fortunate to have the life we have. Make the very best of every day and all the rest will fall into proper place. Before you know it, you will be living in your personal, amazing Sweet Spot.


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