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  Organizing PROS helps individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper, and their systems for life. It's a multi-step process with a mission: to organize and store your belongings, so every item can be easily placed, found, retrieved, and maintained. Everything should have its own 'home' and our company is your perfect choice for this important task - make your life, better organized. Whether addressing paper mess in the office, putting your closets in order or moving to a new home, Organizing PROS will manage every project with a positive attitude, competence and consideration. Armed with the ability to listen, be creative, patient and non-judgmental, we are ready to help you achieve all your organizing plans, goals and dreams!                          

Hospitality Concierge

The prospect of moving into a new home or settling in the short term apartment for the next 3-9 months, comes with overwhelming, stressful and all-consuming chore, specially if time is of essence. Organizing Pros will make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. From packing or un-packing and organizing your home to laundry and dry-cleaning pick-up, together with maid services and personal chefs, dog walkers and drivers, plus reservations to the hottest events and restaurants in town - we are the ONE and ONLY Concierge Service, with the best vendor's book on hand. From dusk to dawn - we get things... Read More

Residential Organizing

It’s difficult to be productive and feel good in the midst of clutter. Organizing PROS will change that, once and for all. We will organize your home and office, eliminate paper and general clutter, provide an easy to maintain system and help you better manage your time. Say good bye to daily chaos... Read More

Image and Wardrobe Consulting

Well organized, clutter-free closet, together with 'good' hair and flawless make-up, can be a metaphor for your image and personal style. An opportunity to boost your confidence and get instant satisfaction.Yet, most closets make us feel complete opposite. They are filled to the rim with 'stuff' and few closets are big enough to hold 'everything', even if half of 'everything' will never see the light of day.It's time to change all that.Cherry on the cake? Your no longer needed 'stuff' will be donated to charity. It's a chance to let things from your past become a part of someone's... Read More