August 24, 2017

Advice from a former 'life hoarder' turned Best Professional Organizer:)

There is a moment in time when everything becomes crystal clear. Sometimes it's forced on you by a dear friend and sometimes it's just an 'AHA' moment...  different for everyone, it is important no...

July 7, 2015



I must admit, there were times in my life when ‘Label’ was important. Russians have a reputation of being ‘Label Whores’ and that applies to all aspects of life - luxury means 'I am special'.

For me, ‘Label’ always represented understanding/ appreciation of high quali...

August 16, 2014

    It always starts the same way – me, walking into a home of a total stranger and within seconds sizing their life with an eye of a human being, as well as a professional. I tell my clients that their home is ‘not that bad’ and for the most parts it is true. We all h...

June 8, 2014




            In the world of instant gratification, where everything is at your fingertips, what does it feel like being truly satisfied and how long can you hold on to it? How big it has to be to make a dent in your...

May 1, 2013





     In my business, I help clients make important choices about their personal belongings: to keep, give to charity, or simply discard. It’s anything but easy, emotional and mentally challenging process for everyone involved. We all get attached, we...

June 28, 2011



The other day a friend told me that I am good at finding the right place for everything. Place where everything belongs. It got me thinking. It’s sort of job description; it’s also a goal, a purpose, if you will – to he...

February 4, 2011



    What an interesting choice of words – SPRING CLEANING. I love spring – it means longer brighter days, more time outdoors, flowers, and better looking skin. Why would anyone want to spend time cleaning? As I went on living, I realized that SPRING CL...

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February 4, 2011

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