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It always starts the same way – me, walking into a home of a total stranger and within seconds sizing their life with an eye of a human being, as well as a professional. I tell my clients that their home is ‘not that bad’ and for the most parts it is true. We all have things ‘run away’ from us, it’s not a crime to have a messy room or cluttered closet, as long as you can catch yourself in time and get to it, as soon as you can.

But, there are times my heart sinks, when faced with a sight of complete human despair. We are taking about highly intelligent, educated, successful people, who worked very hard to get to a place of a ‘dream life’. Somewhere along the way, something got broken: heart, spirit, will to fight, denial, escape from reality or just pure indifference of others… and all this pain hits you in the face, the minute you walk into the door.

In that minute all my instincts kick in, my goal is very clear and work begins immediately. There is not a second left to wait – someone’s life is falling apart right in front of my eyes.

This is the moment, that defines my purpose – I want to help, I need to help, I am on a mission – it’s time for change and it must begin at home. The process is very slow and tedious, and it may take more than few pep talks and lots of ‘tough love’ to get the momentum going.

Soon, something gets shifted: with a decision to ‘let go’, with every garbage bag removed, with every box donated to charity.. I can see newfound energy, the sparkle in the eyes, the spring in the step, the anticipation of the finishing line. I can see life, with all it’s beauty and harmony coming back… with purpose and plans for the future, with hope and will to live better.

I see someone, who begins to laugh and share personal ups and downs, someone, who is able to let go of the past, look at the old photo and talk about it, instead of braking to pieces by the painful memory… I am often moved to tears by this magnificent transformation.

My work is an important part of my journey. Course in “LIFE BEST LIVED” is not available in ivy league school and yet, this is a lifetime of study. So, I ‘must stay in school’... and continue on my journey.

It's my blessing and good fortune to be in the right place at the right time and do what you love. It took a while, with many interesting stops on the way, but I am finally here and it’s truly amazing…

Changing life for the better, one home at the time.

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