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What an interesting choice of words – SPRING CLEANING. I love spring – it means longer brighter days, more time outdoors, flowers, and better looking skin. Why would anyone want to spend time cleaning? As I went on living, I realized that SPRING CLEANING means more that clearing out your garage or your closet. It is a chance to start fresh, to re-think your needs and wants, to take a moment and look around, decide what really matters today. So, while helping a friend with SPRING CLEANING, I realized that it has been a while for me as well. I remember in 2000 cleaning out my phone and address book. It was difficult and lonely task – but it had to be done. In 2006 – it was time to clean out my ‘domestic bliss’, have everything swept under the rug, out in the open, for me to face. Huge, life altering ordeal – but it had to be done. Today, maybe small for others, my challenges are important enough for me – so…. you got it. My A-HA moment came in the middle of the hottest July day – I knew it was the time to tackle the biggest SPRING CLEANING yet. So, how about a little report? OK, just started, very far from done, it may take forever. Yet, I feel that something has shifted: every day I wake up with an unexpected clarity, my mind and my body becoming aware of the world around. What seemed familiar and expected, all of the sudden is unnatural, unacceptable. It applies to people, places, and food – life.

All of a sudden, I know exactly who and what I need, who and what is dragging me down, who and what got to go – time to ‘clean house’. I used to get very sad, forced to say good bye to familiar and comfortable, scared of unknown, worried sick about future.

Well, I am happy to say, that today I worry less about fear – monkey is off my back! Today, and maybe first time ever, it feels good to know for sure and no mater what – I WILL ALWAYS DO MY VERY BEST TO HAVE THE LIFE I WANT. More so, I have incredible family and friends to cheer me on. What else can I possibly need or want? So, if I may offer an advice to someone who cares – do not wait, do not waste a beautiful spring day to do your ‘SPRING CLEANING’. Do it now. Trust me, it will be amazing.

Posted by Amazing AnnaB

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